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Free Wi-Fi Onboard
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NEW! Free Wi-Fi onboard Coaches

To help you stay connected on the go, we have collaborated with MobileOne and Oristel to provide Wi-Fi services on our coaches.

95% of our fleet has now been installed with a Wi-Fi Access Point!

NEW! Onboard USB Charging Ports

Our coach fleet is also now being fitted with USB charging ports at every seat, so you can keep your devices charged all the way to your destination 

Extensive Coverage Throughout Pennisula Malaysia

Our land routes cover many locations in Peninsula Malaysia, so you can get to the places you want without hassle.

No need for changing of buses

Unless something crops up, you will get to your destination in the coach you board. Unlike our competitors, there will be no need for you to change coaches at any point of the journey. 

Luxurious Reclining Chairs with Adjustable Electronic Footrest

The seating setup is ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort throughout your journey with us. 

Efficient Dampaners, Noiseproofing Set Ups and Electromagnetic Retarders

Our coaches' mechanical features are designed and tested to ensure your journey is smooth and relaxing. They will help to reduce vehicle vibrations and in-cabin noise, giving you the rest that you deserve when taking our coach.

Powerful Air-conditioning System

For your comfort in the local tropical climate, we installed the best air-conditioning systems in our buses. If you ever find it too cold, the individual outlets are adjustable so you can find your comfort sweet spot.

Spacious Luggage Compartments

For your peace of mind, our buses have larger luggage storage spaces so you don't have to worry about these small details when travelling with us.

Low flooring design and handrails

Our buses' air suspension system allows the flooring to be low, making it easier for you to board and alight

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